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Les Hauts du Crey
73350 Champagny en Vanoise
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Parc Altaïs Annecy
27, rue Adrastée
74650 Chavanod
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M. Pélican - Hôtel Ancolie
Les Hauts du Crey
73350 Champagny en Vanoise
Tél. : 04 79 55 05 00
Fax : 04 79 55 04 42

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Mr Gal

GENERAL information


The Hotel Ancolie declines all responsibility with regard to room restrictions, changes or cancelations, due to force majeure events beyond their control such as fire, terrorist attacks, strikes, bad weather or health.


Ours prices are not contractual, and are provided for information only and can be modified at any time. Rates vary depending on the type of room and the period of the year.

Booking terms and conditions

Terms of warranty (payment of a deposit, credit cart number, etc.) will be given directly by our booking centre.

Terms of cancellation or shortening your stay will be provided on booking. According to established practices in the hospitality industry, all bookings are only considered final if a deposit is paid; this deposit will be deducted at the end of the contractual period on condition that no infringements have occurred. In case of early departure, whatever the reasons, payment of the full cost of the stay shall be required.

The deposit: 30% of the value of the stay